22 December, 2017

December 22 On This Day (Nganko Nyawiyu) in Dunolly (Lea Kurribur) History

1898 An old and much respected resident of Waanyarra (Jones ‘Creek), near Dunolly, named James M'cloy, aged about eighty years, passed away last night after a lengthened illness. The deceased had formerly followed the occupation of a miner with much success, but for some time past had retired from active life, having amassed sufficient to allow him to spend the remainder of his days in ease and comfort. By his death the Dunolly Ladies' Benevolent Society will benefit to the extent of £l400, and the Tarnagulla Benevolent Society will receive a like amount, while the Dunolly Hospital will receive £500.These legacies are left as endowments, rested in trustees, and after making provision for several of his old mates and friends who had at some time done him service; the residue of the estate, believed to be About £5000, is left to the widows ‘and orphans' fund of the Presbyterian Church. So far as is known deceased leaves no relatives.

 1915 BOWENVALE . JUMBLE FAIR,. The jumble fair recently held at Bowenvale by the Red Cross branch realised the handsome profit of £38 15s.

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