24 December, 2017

December 24 On This Day (Nganko Nyawiyu) in Dunolly (Lea Kurribur) History

1856 Bank of Australasia began business in Dunolly.

 1907 The Licenses Reduction Board has awarded Richard III Hotel in Dunolly 117 pounds compensation, 10 pounds compensation to the occupant.

 1915 Pedestrians in Bealiba should be heedful not to interfere with the comfort and convenience of the cows and calve that are exercising their prescriptive right of browsing upon any herbage that may have taken root by the sides of the drains or at the foot of the verandah posts. We are sure that no humane person would be guilty of such needless cruelty as to disturb these innocent creatures. And any of our townsfolk who are so inconsiderate as to resent their presence in our thoroughfares should think of the detrimental effect it might have our milk supply were they to be relegated to the obscurity of the adjacent paddocks.

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