26 December, 2017

December 25 On This Day (Nganko Nyawiyu) in Dunolly (Lea Kurribur) History

The following has been handed to us for publication by the Chairman of the meeting: Pursuant to notice, a public meeting of the inhabitants of Dunolly was 'held at White's Assembly Rooms, on Tuesday, the 25th inst., to devise measures for procuring a Local Court, Daily Mail, and other local advantages. :Mr J. B. Calder (Clydeside Store)

Voted to the chair; after a few introductory remarks, called upon those gentlemen who held resolutions to submit them to the meeting,. ,, . . It was then proposed by Mr W. Wingfield and seconded by Mr Mohr —That, in the opinion of this meeting, the miners of Dunolly are subjected to such loss and inconvenience as amounts to a practical denial of justice by the distance at which the Local Court is now placed, — and that it is highly necessary such a state of things be immediately remedied by the formation of a Local Court, and that the Acting-Governor be solicited to take the necessary steps without delay. The second resolution was proposed by Mr James Wingfield, seconded by Mr Boyce—Considering that the population of Dunolly and its suburbs may be estimated to be at least 30,000, a large portion of whom are persons engaged in professional or commercial pursuits, and whose correspondence is of considerable moment it is the opinion of this meeting that a Daily Mail is indispensable to the accommodation of such a large and improving township and numerous trading community. ...Mr .Jas. Caughey- moved the third resolution, which was seconded by Mr Thos. Morrow, and was as follows: — That it is highly desirable, parties residing here should receive every encouragement to erect substantial and permanent places of business,- and to induce them to do so, this meeting considers the land on either side of the surveyed road should be offered for sale, in building allotments at the earliest possible opportunity, and that the Surveyor-General be written to- upon the subject by the chairman, .The fourth resolution, as follows, was proposed by Dr Schmidt, and seconded by Mr Geo. Evan's : That, in the opinion of this meeting, the proper place for the Police Camp and Lock-up is in the midst of the regulation, and not as at present, placed on the opposite side of a creek, at times impassable, and that the same should be removed to a more suitable locality as soon as possible. Also, that the Police force stationed here is quite inadequate to an efficient protection of the residents, being only 12 to 30,000, and far below the number to which we are entitled by the amount of revenue raised in the district. Mr G. Cook. proposed the next resolution, which was seconded by Mr W.u. Cayter —That Memorials to his Excellency the Acting- Governor and to the Surveyor-General.be prepared, embodying the various points of the foregoing resolutions, and offered to the inhabitants for their signatures. The sixth and last resolution was proposed by Mr George Bush, and seconded by Mr How, and was—That a Committee be appointed by this meeting, with power to add to their number, to prepare a memorial to the Acting-Governor, and take such other steps as may be necessary to effect the objects of the meeting and that the said Committee do consist of the Chairman and Messrs Geo. Cook, Thos. Morrow, Wm. Wingfield, Jas. Caughey, Geo. Bush, James Wingfield,George 'Evans, John Mohr, William Carter, Edward Boyce, Dr Schmidt, A. Wills, Jas. Anderson, Dr Schulzen, Wm. McKinnie, and — Pettifer. Five to form a quorum. The above resolutions were all carried unanimously, as were also propositions that the Memorial to the Acting Governor should contain request that Dunolly should be gazetted as a place where wines and spirits may be sold wholesale, and for the appointment of a Court of General Sessions here. All parties seemed unanimous in the resolve to persevere in their endeavors to obtain the objects specified in the resolutions, and not to relax in their efforts until Dunolly be placed on an equality with the most favored country townships. A. vote of thanks was passed to the Chairman by acclamation, and the meeting terminated.

 1893 Mr Dillon of Telegraph Hotel was driving his horse and buggy on Christmas morn when the horse became unmanageable and began galloping, smashed into Mr Hancock’s wagonette near municipal dam opposite railway line, Mr Dillion thrown from the buggy but unhurt.

 1917 The heat wave, which has continued for about eleven days without a break has been exceedingly trying, and old people especially have suffered severely. Such a long spell of hot weather without relief has not been experienced for years. The temperature has ranged from 98 degrees to as high as 105 in very fair shade, and the nights have been hot. Altogether people have had a trying time, but there was a perceptible change to cooler conditions last night,

Dunolly, Wednesday. Shortly before noon on Christmas Day a four-roomed weatherboard dwelling, owned and occupied by George Taylor, of Havelock street, Dunolly, was, with the contents, completely demolished by fire. Mrs Taylor, having left the Christmas dinner cooking, in the stove, had for a few minutes gone to visit a. neighbour. There was no insurance on either the building or the contents. Bank notes to the value of £10 were also destroyed. It is supposed some lighted wood fell from the stove and caused the conflagration. The fire burned with great fierceness, and quickly demolished everything.

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