04 December, 2017

December 4 On This Day (Nganko Nyawiyu) in Dunolly & district (Lea Kurribur) history

1861 Patrick Flanagan in the employ of the brewers at Burnt Creek Colliers & Gunn, was opposite the Old Dunolly Hotel when the horse took fright and bolted, although Flanagan tried to catch hold of the blinkers they came off and he was thrown out with the horse and empty dray passing over the top of him. He was taken to the Dunolly hospital with abdominal and head injuries. The brother of one of the owners of the brewery, Mr Gunn, was also involved in an accident when he was returning from Bullock Flat with a dray of empty casks when the wheel of the dray went down a hole in the road throwing him to the ground where the wheel passed over his right leg fracturing it at the ankle joint.

 1882 Information was given to the police last evening that a Chinaman named Lony Chee had been assaulted by two lads named Walls and Hunter, Constable Cloyne found the Chinaman on the ground in Broadway, where he had fallen through weakness. His skull was severely fractured, through the boys having pelted him with stones. He was at once removed to the hospital, where Drs. Wolfenden, Sutherland, and Pierce, after holding a consultation, decided that trephining (a surgical intervention where a hole is drilled, incised or scraped into the skull using simple surgical tools) was necessary, and agreed that the operation should be performed this morning, the wounded man being then too weak. He, however, gradually sank, and died at half-past 7 this morning. The police arrested the boys last night and lodged them in the lockup. The coroner has been telegraphed to, and an inquest will be held to-morrow.

 1891 Wallis’ store, one of the oldest in town, was gutted by fire. Damages to 2,000 pounds.

 1933 While walking through a paddock near McIntyres a resident picked up a gold nugget weighing 12oz uncovered by last week’s heavy rain.

 1936 A rush has started at Eddington.

 1951 Dunolly Progress Association announced its desire for a self-contained group of 200 brickmaking Dutchmen established in the area with a deputation to seek Govt support.

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