10 January, 2018

January 10 On This Day (Nganko Nyawiyu) in Dunolly (Lea Kurribur) History

1864 A curious case of sticking-up occurred on Sunday, between Dunolly and the Bet Bet. Mr. Henry Ford, of Mount Moliagul, was walking on his road to Maryborough, when, about two miles out of Dunolly, a man rushed out at him from the bush and demanded his money. Ford, however, being armed with a stout stick, which had formerly served as a handle to a rake, and not " seeming to see it," knocked the fellow over by a well-directed blow under the ear, but another assailant- appearing on the instant, Ford took to his heels, and got away.

 1880 A chapter of the National Reform League was formed in Dunolly by Mayor Mr Ritchie but not before the meeting became so boisterous as to be labelled ‘the most disorderly meeting that ever took place in Dunolly’ by the Bendigo Independent newspaper.

 1885 The Dunolly Fruit and Wine Company Limited was officially registered with the Deputy Register-General.

 1912 Some boys were shooting sparrows in the hedges with pellets and, not noticing some children nearby, accidentally hit one girl named Tait in the head but fortunately her injuries are not serious.

 1929 A fire broke out in the stable of Peters and Son’s soap factory ,burning hay but was got under control before it reached other buildings.

 1938 \Two small boys took refuge in a tree after having been chased by a bull when a small calibre rifle went off hitting one of them in the shoulder; he was admitted to the Dunolly Hospital and made a good recovery.

1964 - Llanelly School held a "Switching On" Ceremony to celebrate the new wiring and connection to the State Electricity Commission (SEC).

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