12 January, 2018

January 12 On This Day (Nganko Naywiyu) in Dunolly (Lea Kurribur) History

1858 Public meeting held to call for the establishment of a municipality.

 1867 Eddington school reopened with more student numbers, having been closed for almost 2 yrs.

 1863 First full meeting of volunteers for fire brigade held at Frayne’s Commercial Hotel.

 1891 A bush fire has been raging all day in the ranges to west of Dunolly. It started at a place called Lock’s Paddock, about six miles off and during the afternoon kept advancing in the direction of Dunolly. A very high wind blowing in this direction, the fire burned fiercely, but chiefly in the ranges among the timber on the Crown lands. The grass is high in places, and the fire is fed by great quantities of dead timber in the shape of tree tops cut by woodcutters, which are a source of danger all over the bush. The police and a number of residents of the town went out and assisted the settlers to keep back the flames from private property. Their exertions so far (8 o'clock) have been fairly successful, although a good deal of fencing and grass has been burnt, the course of the fire seems [to] have altered with a change of wind, and it appears now to be going more in the direction of Goldsborough.

1891 A serious fire broke out in the farm of Mr. Betts, Archdale, near Bealiba, at 1 o’clock this morning, and travelled in the direction of Cameron’s Station, doing considerable damage in its course. It is supposed to have originated in Mr. Betts's yard through the ashes of a fire used on Sunday evening for domestic purposes. Mr. Betts is said to have lost considerably, several stacks of hay and other property having been destroyed.

 1902 A fire occurred  at Burnt Creek where a young man lost his clothes, valuable gold watch and bicycle.

 1904 Carpenter Thomas Thiswell was covering a house in iron at Mt Hooghly when he handed up a sheet it slipped and landed on his nose almost severing it, needing 9 stitches at Dunolly hospital.

 1933 The agricultural society’s wheat crop competition was won by Mr Forbes from Eddington, who had sown Free Gallipoli wheat.

 1957 Big fire halted at forest
A grass fire that threatened thousands of acres of State forest eight miles north of Dunolly last night was brought under control just in time.
Scanty reports through the Forestry Commission fire control network last night said the fire started in the dry grass country between Moliagul and Rheola.
Between 60 and 100 forestry men and volunteers raced the flames to the nearby ironbark forest.
Mr. R. T. Seaton. Forestry Commission control officer, said last night that the forest was saved by the men's quick action and because iron bark was not such a "tinder box" as pine trees.

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