27 January, 2018

January 27 On This Day (nganko Nyawiyu) in Dunolly (lea Kurriburr) history

1856 Zebina Lane was born at Moliagul. When 15 he managed a mine at St Arnaud. He then joined the Colonial Smelting Co. at Kyneton, later moving to New Zealand for eight years and visiting California. In Sandhurst, Victoria, on 12 February 1878 he married Euphemia Leslie.

 1875 The editor of the Maryborough and Dunolly Advertiser" addressed a letter to the "Otago Daily Times in reply to certain comments made by that journal, approving of the action of the Dunedin Athenaeum committee in excluding the "Maryborough and Dunolly Advertiser" from the reading room of that institution. The letter was refused insertion by the Daily Times," and then appeared as an advertisement in the "Guardian "on Saturday. If we may judge from this letter of the editor and proprietor of the now notorious advertiser, we should say the Committee were quite justified in excluding the paper from their reading room. We do not recollect having read such an incoherent jumble of rubbish in all our lives, and would certainly be inclined to question, the advisability of having such a man at large.

 1891 The Minister of Defence, for Vic Military Forces, approved of the disbandment of the rifle club at Dunolly.

 1914 DUNOLLY. OUTBREAK OF WHOOPING COUGH Whooping cough is very prevalent at present in the district amongst children, and a number of adults are also suffering from the same complaint.

1914 POLICEMAN TRANSFERRED Constable Carroll, who has been stationed in Dunolly for some time, has been transferred to Maryborough. He has proved himself an energetic and efficient officer. He will be greatly missed by the A.N.A in which he takes a great interest.

 1915 Owing to the Dunolly State school being in the hands of the contractor for re- modelling and renovating the scholars were unable to assemble on Monday but this morning the elder scholars were accommodated at the Church of England Sunday school, (formerly the Common School here) and the infants at the Shire Hall.

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