14 February, 2018

February 14 #OnThisDay (Nganko Nyawiyu) in #Dunolly (Lea Kurribur) & District #History

1861 Three men were charged with robbery under arms at the store of Mr Wareham in Dunolly from  Sept 1857.

 1870 Dear Sir,-Yours of the 10th instant is to hand this morning. In reply, I may mention that I have never had anything to do with the management of our public library. I have, however, made enquiries since I received your letter, and am able to send you the following information: 1. The amount raised locally in 1869 was £25 12s 6d.
2. The only assistance received from local public bodies is an annual donation of £5, from the Dunolly Borough Council.
3. The grant in aid for 1868 was £7 12e 10d. The grant in aid for 1869 was £11 12s 7d.
4. The number of visitors annually is about 2,500.
5. The expenses of management are, librarian £10, light and fuel, say £3 £19.
6. There has been no attempt to add a museum to the library.
The above are replies to the queries you put at the end of your letter. I may add that the library is only open of an evening from 7 to 10 o'clock-the librarian being in attendance the whole of the time. Subscribers of 10s have the privilege of taking books out. It is the opinion of those I have spoken to, and my own also, that the Government, in distributing the vote, makes no distinction between public libraries and mechanics' institutes. Any further information you may require I will endeavour to obtain for you, if you will drop me a line. Yours truly, Chas. DICKER.

The Assize Court was opened at Maryborough Saturday before His Honour Mr Justice Higinbotham when James M'Kenna was charged with the murder of Margaret Suilivan, alias M'Kenna, alias,Walsh, at Janevale, near Tarnagulla. Mr. Horan appeared for the prisoner, and Mr Smyth prosecuted for the Crown.- The murdered person was described variously by the prisoner prior to-her death as his wife Margaret M'Kenna, and also as Margaret Sullivan and Margaret Walsh. He was generally in her company for some weeks before. the finding of her dead body, and the two were apparently tramping about the country. On Thursday, 'the 20th November, prisoner and his alleged victim were seen. several times lying together- in a drunken condition on the road about 280 yards from the Janevale Hotel. They were last seen in this state towards midnight by some miners going to- work, and these latter heard a scream proceeding from :the locality after they had passed by. The next day the woman was found dead, with her head battered in, in an adjoining paddock, and prisoner, who had blood on his clothes, gave information that he found her dead, and had carried her there off the road. He was arrested for the murder. He averred that during a short absence in the township of Laanecoorie, during the; early part of the evening, the woman was assaulted  by someone,  and so seriously injured that when he found her she was dying, and that she died during the night; The evidence given by numerous' witnesses; which was not concluded until half-past 8 in the evening, did not disprove this; but a colourable doubt was raised as to  the prisoner being the murderer through the sudden disappearance of a young man named Frank Edwards, who had admitted to several people that he had passed along the road where the murder was committed at an early hour of the evening, and had been chased by two men who had afterwards returned to where the woman  was lying. There was no actual testimony showing that prisoner and the deceased had even quarreled, and the witnesses who had heard her scream after they had passed by the couple at night, stated that they heard no struggle at the time, but if there hail been a struggle they could have heard it. They 'merely supposed the scream to be a drunken freak.
By the time counsels, addresses were concluded, and the judge had summed up and the jury retired, it was half-past 11 pm. At midnight, the verdict returned was one of manslaughter, and the prisoner was remanded for sentence.
On Monday M'Keuna was sentenced to three years imprisonment in the Maryborough Gaol, with hard labour, the first fortnights of the 6th; 12th, 18th, 24th and 30th months to be spent in solitary confinement

 1908 Tarnagulla bicycle road race held, from Tarnagulla to Arnolds-bridge and back, 12 starters with 12 miles in total, results – 1. J.Loas 7.5mins, 2. W.Hughes 3.5mins, 3. R.Onsley 5mins.

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