19 February, 2018

February 19 #OnThisDay (Nganko Nyawiyu) in #Dunolly (Lea Kurribur) & District #History

1874 Sir Redmond Barry visited the Dunolly and District Hospital and the Dunolly Public Library, making a handsome donation to the hospital and promising the loan of 400 volumes to the library.

 1875 A Frenchman, Francis Decanclos, was charged with keeping a house frequented by thieves and prostitutes, sentenced to 3 months gaol., and a woman named Margaret Morris a prostitute and a frequenter of Decanclos' house was ordered to be imprisoned for one month for having no lawful visible means of support.
{This was The Carriers Arms hotel, situated next to current day Footers Mansion}

 1895 Members of the Royal Commission on Water Supply arrived by rail in Dunolly to look into a claim by the Bet Bet Shire Council about the reservoir at Goldsborough.

 1896 Middle Bridge Cricket team drove to Kingower to play a match, et well at Halbert’s hotel, then set off home at 8.30pm. Kingower won the cricket.

 1915 Hayes store on Broadway, one of the oldest grocery/ironmongery/timber establishment was destroyed by fire; an explosion during the fire smashed the windows on the other side of the street. The State Savings Bank was considerably damaged by fire and water.

 1920 Two strange pets are owned by Mr. George Clifford, a miner, of Dunolly, These are a pair of ducks which come into the man's hut, eat from his hands and perform tricks. They always accompany Clifford on his fossicking trips, and the sight of the digger trudging along with his ducks is a quaint and humorous one. The trio are inseparable. If Clifford goes into the town for provisions he is forced to lock his ducks up, otherwise they would follow him.

 1939 Hospital Sunday was held in Dunolly with distinguished guests including Mr Dunstan (Premier), Brigadier Rankin MHR, Sir H Currie MLC, Mr Frost and Mrs Weber, both MLAs, who announced that the Govt would shortly introduce new means of financing hospitals and charities.

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