03 February, 2018

February 3 #OnThisDay (Nganko Nyawiyu) in #Dunolly (Lea Kurribur) & District #History

1885 The late train from Maryborough to St Arnaud ran into about 300 sheep between Dunolly and Goldsborough, killing a great many of them.

 1903 An arrest was made at Tarnagulla for the chap was selling sly grog at Waanyarra, while another arrest was made the previous evening of another chap transporting sly grog in barrels in a wagonette.

 1915 OUTBREAK AT DUNOLLY. DUNOLLY. Thursday A fire occurred last evening in Barkly Street, and the six-roomed weather- board residence of Mr. M. Scheele (who is away at present in Mildura) was destroyed, together with the contents. Mrs Scheele was putting the children to bed and in going from one room to another with a lamp she tripped, and the lamp fell and exploded. Mrs Scheele escaped only in what she was wearing, and all the children's clothes were burnt. Owing to the dry season no water from the main was available. and it was with difficulty that the adjoining premises of Mr Sheehan were saved by a bucket brigade. The house destroyed and the furniture was insured for £175.

 1930 Dunolly water supply almost exhausted and can only be used in an emergency, thermometer reading between 98-104 degrees F, rainfall in January only 8 points compared to the previous year’s which was 64 points.

1930 Weatherboard room occupied by the yardman at Dunolly hospital was destroyed by fire as was the stables, tool room, packing room, garage and morgue. 70-80 tons of wood lost, insurance amounted to 50 pounds.

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