05 February, 2018

February 5 #OnThisDay (Nganko Nyawiyu) in #Dunolly (Lea Kurribur) & District #History

 1869 The Welcome Stranger nugget was found near Black Reef in Bulldog Gully at Moliagul by Richard Oates and John Deeson.

 1915 DUNOLLY. PRIEST TRANSFERRED. The Rev father Condon, coadjutor to the Rev Father Howell in the Parish of Inglewood, Dunolly, etc., has been transferred to Watchem, and general regret is expressed at his departure. The Rev Father Davis succeeds him.

 1930 Amy Ying of the Terminus Hotel was fined 5 pounds and 19/ in costs for not having the bar door locked during prohibited hours.

 1930 Daisy Kemp proceeded against Hugh Robinson in the Dunolly Police Court for the detention of 1 ruby and sapphire ring and a painted portrait of herself. The parties had been engaged to be married, but the engagement was broken off. The Bench made an order that the ring be returned within 21 hours, or Robinson pay £3/3/; also that he pay £5/5/, the value of the portrait, which had been defaced. Costs amounting to £4/3/ were allowed the complainant.

 1931 The Rev Langdon was inducted to St John’s church of England by Dr James, Bishop of St Arnaud, succeeding Rev Williams.

 1932 25oz nugget found at Waanyarra.

 1936 WB of Dunolly requested the following recipes from The Argus –
Potatoes "Al forno."-Beat six well boiled potatoes to a cream with 2 table- spoons of butter, 3 table-spoons of cream pepper and salt, and 2 well-beaten eggs Put a layer into a buttered fireproof dish, then a layer of sliced hard-boiled eggs, pepper and salt, and repeat till the dish is full Have the top layer of potatoes Sprinkle breadcrumbs over It, dot with butter, cover the dish, and bake till thoroughly hot Remove the lid and brown quickly, then serve.

Potatoes au Gratin-Cut some freshly boiled new potatoes into thick slices, and mix them with half of a pint of good white sauce Take out with a gravy spoon and arrange In the middle of a fireproof dish Sprinkle grated cheese thickly over the top Pour over the remainder of the sauce and cover with a layer of cheese and breadcrumbs Dot with butter and cook in a hot oven for 20 minutes A squeeze of lemon juice may be added if liked.

Vegetable Soufflé-Cook about 21b of assorted vegetables with a bunch of herbs after washing peeling or cutting up They are nicest if cooked in a thin white stock When quite cooked drain and beat up with a cup of milk or cream Allow to cool then add the slightly beaten yolks of 3 eggs half a cup of grated cheese and (after beating well) stir lightly in the well beaten whites of the eggs Put In n buttered mould sprinkle well with breadcrumbs dot with butter and put in the oven till nice and brown.

Tomato Soufflé-Cook 6 large tomatoes and pass through a coarse sieve Stir in a large cup of breadcrumbs a little butter salt sugar pepper and 4 well beaten eggs Beat all very well Pour Into a buttered dish and bake for an hour or until It sets like a custard Even cooking is ensured if the dish is stood in a pan of warm water in the oven.

Parsnip Fritters-Take 4 medium sized parsnips 2 eggs 1 table spoon of grated cheese 4oz of breadcrumbs 1 oz. butter pepper and salt a little chopped parsley and the peel of one lemon grated finely Boil the parsnips mash them and beat in the other ingredients adding one egg and enough milk to make a good dough Roll into small balls dip in egg and breadcrumbs and fry until golden brown Serve very hot with slices of lemon and a dust of parsley.

Pumpkin Pie -Boll some pumpkin drain it and press through a sieve To 2 cupful’s of the mashed pumpkin allow 2 well-beaten eggs 1/2 cup sugar 1 teaspoon cinnamon 1 teaspoon ground ginger a little nutmeg and the grated yellow rind of 1 lemon Line a shallow pie dish or deep tart plate with short crust pastry fill with the pumpkin mixture and bake for from half to three quartets of tin hour In a quick oven.

Carrots a L’Italienne -Take a number of young carrots and cut them Into small rounds or dice Put them in a saucepan with 2oz of butter a little salt and enough water to Just cover them Stir frequently until cooked (when nearly all the butter and water will be absorbed) then add a cup of milk or cream and 2oz of white sugar Cook gently but do not boil Remove pan from fire mix In the yolks of 2 eggs and reheat stirring all the time Serve very hot.

 1940 It was reported to the Bet Bet Shire Council that of the 140 pupils at the Dunolly State School only 4 could swim; it was decided to ascertain if an old dredge hole could be used as a swimming pool so that classes could be arranged.

 1969 To mark centenary of the find of the Welcome Stranger nugget a golden medallion was struck.

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