01 April, 2018

April 1 #OnThisDay (Nganko Nyawiyu) in #Dunolly (Lea Kurribur) & District #History

1861 Bet Bet post office opened

1864 A " JEBEMIAH DIDDLER."- A respectable looking man entered the shop Messrs. Kersley and Lord, at Dunolly, the other day, and in a soft tone and bland manner requested the shopman to show he some hats. He was rather difficult to plea but at last selected one, placed it on his very respectable head, and coolly requested the shopman to make the transaction known the Maryborough house, where he had running account. The shopman bowed his thanks, reported to Maryborough, and to his amazement found that he had been done. The person is apparently highly respectable and well-known in the district.

1857 Reported in the Govt gazette that the Dunolly gaol was complete and ‘open for business’.

 1857 It was reported in the Govt gazette that the Govt of Victoria declared Dunolly a place where premises for the sale of spirits or fermented liquors – in quantities not less than 2 gallons – may be registered under the Authority.

 1885 St Arnaud train delayed due to damage to the cylinder at Carapooee.

 1905 Plague of mice in dry weather stopping farmers from sowing crops, great destruction in orchards from mice and birds.

 1908 Rev Chambers who is about to take up missionary work in Fiji was presented with a purse of sovereigns and Mrs Chambers was given a lady’s bag by the people of Dunolly.

 1914 SOVEREIGN OF 1823. When cleaning-up operations wore being carried on at the Hamlet Dredging Company's works, a sovereign was found in the sluice bearing the date 1823. It was in a splendid state of preservation, and looked as if only recently issued from the Mint.

1916 DUNOLLY. HOSPITAL WOOD BEE. A working bee in aid of the Dunolly District Hospital took place on Saturday, 70 men taking part. One hundred and thirty tons of wood were delivered, and there is room for more to come in. The workers were liberally regaled with refreshments by the ladies, under the supervision of   Mr Langsford, the president.

1922 A farewell tea was given to the Rev Trebilco, his wife and daughter, at the Methodist Sunday School hall as they are leaving to live and work in Korumburra. Rev Trebilco was given a roll of notes, his wife was given a biscuit barrel and their daughter received a leather bag.

 1954 A man, Roy Bennett, died while fighting a fire threatening to engulf a dairy at Eddington.

 1956 Easter Sunday Back to Dunolly celebrations 11am special church services, 3pm Hospital Sunday celebrated in the hospital grounds, special churches services and reunions from 7pm.

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