02 April, 2018

April 2 #OnThisDay (Nganko Nyawiyu) in #Dunolly (Lea Kurribur) & District #History

 1862 NARROW ESCAPE.-Talbot had a narrow escape on Wednesday afternoon from being left without a town crier. It appears that George Eggleso, who fills that post in this town, was walking through a paddock near McCullum’s Creek, when his red shirt attracted the attention of a bull that was to all appearances quietly grazing about thirty yards from the aforesaid. Suddenly detecting the red shirt, the bull made a dart at it, and Eggleso made an equally rapid run for the fence. The chase was of short duration, as a stockrider rode forward just as the bull was in the act of striking his victim, and with one of those loud reports with his whip for which our stockriders are proverbial, frightened the bull, and thus gave Eggleso an opportunity to get over the fence, a proceeding which was accomplished in double quick time.

DUNOLLY, Thursday.
At the borough council meeting held last night some very warm passages took place between Crs. Desmond and Somers. Some of the expressions used were not of the choicest. The trouble arose on the consideration of a list of burgesses living within the specified area who had failed to avail themselves of the night service. Some of these, it was said, were the owners or occupiers of premises in the principal street.”Liar" was frequently used, and Cr. Desmond was called upon by the mayor several times to withdraw. Cr. Nolan was by Cr.Desmond styled an able lieutenant of Cr.Somers. .

 1905 Mr William Watt’s bicycle depot in Broadway was broken into and a Number One Hummer cycle stolen to the value of 16 pounds. The thief removed bricks from the building at the rear to gain access to the shop. It is thought to be a tramp who had been hanging about the town the 3 previous days.

 1956 Easter Monday last day of Back to Dunolly celebrations – Basket picnic and Back-to-School all day, finishing with a Come Back Ball in the Shire Hall at 8.30pm.

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