27 April, 2018

April 27 #OnThisDay (Nganko Nyawiyu) in #Dunolly (Lea Kurribur) & District #History

 1857 Mr. Hendry, a storekeeper, at Jones's Creek, and formerly proprietor of the Bull and Month Hotel, Dunolly, was found brutally murdered in the bush off the road from Jones's Creek to Dunolly, on Monday last. The unfortunate man, it appears, left his store at Jones's Creek on Sunday morning in his spring cart, having in his possession one hundred and thirty ounces of gold: not arriving at his destination as expected, search was made for him on the following day, when his horse and cart, and the hat and coat worn by him were discovered upon the road between the localities in question, but without any traces of violence indicating the fate of their owner. After twelve hours further search the body of the murdered man was found in the bush at some distance from the spot, with a pistol shot wound through his head, and the gold and whatever other valuables he had about him gone; affording unmistakeable evidence that the work of death had been shortly and speedily accomplished by his assassins, of whom no clue has yet been obtained. The entire district was in a state of great excitement, and an active search is on foot to discover, if possible, the perpetrators of the foul deed.

 1857 Murder and Robbery. — The public have been startled by the report that Mr Hendry, formerly one of the proprietors of the Bull and Mouth hotel, has been murdered and robbed of a valuable parcel of gold which he had bought the day before his disappearance. Mr Hendry it is supposed was done for whilst driving his horse and spring cart yesterday (Sunday) between Pusey's public house and Jones's creek. He paid a visit on Saturday evening to White's casino, Inkerman, in company with another person- His manner on that occasion is described as confused and singular. It is possible that he may at that time have been labouring under the effects of some drug. He subsequently passed the night with a prostitute, and in the morning started with the gold for Jones's as above stated. The body has not yet been found, although many persons have voluntarily joined in searching the bush. Mr Hendry's hat and coat, as also the horse and cart, have not alone been recovered as yet, nor have signs of blood been observed.

 1866 Newbridge Primary School was completed and opened, closed in Dec 1993 it was auctioned in 1996.

 1901 The business people of the town have unanimously agreed to close their places of business on Wednesday and Thursday, 8th and 9th May, to enable the employees to avail them Selves of the festivities taking place in Melbourne.
The Dunolly Rifle Club, at its annual meeting held on Thursday, elected officers for the ensuing year as under:—'W. T. Hansford,president; D. W. O’Grady and J. -N. Nelson; vice-presidents: W. Y. 'Witherden, secretary and captain; A. Stoneman, assistant secretary ; Messrs E. Taylor,. J. Treganowan, W.H. Baxter, and J. M. Hicks, committee. Members’ subscription was fixed at ss. Messrs. T. Hansford and W. Skelton offered trophies to be competed for.

 1902 Maryborough town band held a concert in Dunolly to fund raise in aid of the Cardigan mine disaster relief fund.

DUNOLLY, Thursday. On 1st January last an old -digger named Edward Hawkins mysteriously disappeared after calling at a friend's house on his way home, near the Old Lead reservoir. Search parties were out for several days, and the bush for miles around was diligently searched, but no -trace of the missing man could be found. Today his dead body was discovered near- the- lnkerman mine, in a shallow alluvial hole. The body was covered by the water. The hole is within ten yards of a foot track and several miners' huts are only a few- hundred feet away. Evidently Hawkins had lost himself and wandered about, as the place where his body was found is about four miles from his residence.

 1906 Mr Dermondy of Old Lead lost his home and contents to fire in January but was not insured. The townspeople of Dunolly took the matter in hand an erected a comfortable four roomed house of Egyptian bricks for him and his family.

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