04 April, 2018

April 4 #OnThisDay (Nganko Nyawiyu) in #Dunolly (Lea Kurribur) & District #History

 1857 John George Forbes, Esquire, was appointed Judge of the County Court for the district of Dunolly.

1867 The Dunolly Express reported that two young girls disguised themselves as bushrangers as a joke and travelled to McIntyre and rapped at several doors demanding “your money or your life”; at some places they were recognised and laughed at but two gentlemen came close to firing loaded guns in response, one fortunately recognising the young lady at the door while the other was unable to get close enough to fire a shot.

 1874 A large group witnessed a ‘war’ between small black ants raiding the nest of larger red ants at Mosquito, which the small black ants won by sheer force of numbers.

 1923 Bant’s Flour Mills burnt when flour and wheat were burnt. Lack of water forced the firefighters to concentrate on the huge stacks of wood, loss estimated to 10,000 pounds.

 1939 Alan Brooker found a 2oz nugget while walking along the Moliagul rd.

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