11 May, 2018

May 11 #OnThisDay (Nganko Nyawiyu) in #Dunolly (Lea Kurribur) & District #History


Dunolly, May 11th. Dunolly reviving, after all, bids fair to be a potent fact, in spite of the sneers and contempt with which it has been received in certain quarters. The late rains— which, by the' bye, we have had in abundance — has given a decided impetus to mining in this district.
Several diggers (the glorious old tub and cradle sort I mean, but which, thanks to the introduction of machinery, is soon likely to be a myth of the past) have found their way back to Little Chinaman's Flat, and, content to  work ground which their predecessors spurned in disgust, are making a respectable living.

Of course, if you ask them what they are doing, you meet with the usual answer, 'Oh, nothing; but we are just trying another claim ;' but certain indications, such as some considerable trouble in raising the windlass on legs, for the easy riddance of the mullock and pipeclay, tells its own tale.

At Wild Dog also, a rush, which promises to be an important one, has taken place, and once more this Oft-visited and deserted— village, I was going to say locality is the scene of busy operations. Some lucky Wight was said to have obtained 24 ounces off the bottom of his shaft; a result, as you may easily suppose, in these woe-begone times, sufficient to attract a host of the 'just living' ' getters, and rolling stones, who are lookin out like Micawber for 'something to turnup.'

Jones's Creek shows a little revival, and some addition to its late sparse population.

Sandy Creek is rather dull from the fact of alluvial mining having ceased almost en masse, and the quartz reef (for which this district is so famous) requiring such an outlay of capital to find the vein and when found— the gold that many claimholder have been compelled to register their claims and desist working for the present till in digging perchance they can make a rise, enabling them again, to commence operations —thus proving that it is only by associated labour and capital that we can ever hope extensively to develop our vast hidden resources.

Cochran’s has now plenty of water and may be expected during the winter to brighten up a little. This benefit will, doubtless, also be extended to Jordan's where some anticipations of a rush are entertained when aqua pura is plentiful.

Jericho, McIntyre’s, and Peter’s— Considerable anxiety is felt here as to our being declared a municipality; the Government Gazette has been carefully conned on its arrival, but the welcome fact has not yet been ascertained. Has the porkers, horses, dogs, &c. of the witty chairman of committee's anything to do with it?

In religious matters we have lately been making' rapid strides. April 29th, a new church was opened by a public tea meeting, &o., and on the Sunday following, the Rev. W. Calvert, late of the Avoca preached to a very large congregation. This gentleman, who is settled in this locality, bid fair to be a popular and attractive preacher.

May 3. Was honoured by a visit from the Lord Bishop of Melbourne, en route for Sandhurst. A tea meeting was arranged for the next evening, on which occasion 150 sat down to the  cup that cheers, but not inebriates. His Lordship addressed those assembled at some length, referring to his debut in the colony some ten years back, and tracing the progress of the Church of England in Victoria, since that period.
He urged the immediate settlement of this district as a parish supporting its own minister, independent of any other locality. He pointed out the difficulties of procuring suitable ministers for the country district, the gentleman at present officiating being more as a missionary than settled pastor, but promised, should they do what he recommended. to endeavour to procure a clergyman fitted for this special sphere of labor.

The weather has been of late very unsettled, and we have been visited by very severe storms, which have operated anything but beneficially in some of our canvas tenements.

I have just heard that at Wild Dog, a hole bottomed today yielded 16 dwts. to the tub, and that in nearly every case gold has been obtained in payable quantities.

 1903 During the railway workers strike many local Dunolly men, both qualified and not, applied for positions as drivers and stokers, while others were anxious to take up other inferior positions.

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