22 May, 2018

May 22 #OnThisDay (Nganko Nyawiyu) in #Dunolly (Lea Kurribur) & District #History

 1857 DUNOLLY.BULL - DOG RUSH. (two miles beyond Inkermann), is going a-head. It is now thickly studded with tents, the great majority of which have been erected within the last week. We had the pleasure of seeing a beautiful specimen obtained by a party, with whom we are personally acquainted, off the bottom of his shalt. Its weight (including 1½ oz. of quartz) was 3½ oz. The majority of the miners are doing a little.
NEW RUSHES.— Not far from Bull-dog, and near the Travellers' Rest refreshment tent, on the road between Inkerman and Mount Moliagul, two new rushes, not many hundred yards apart, took place on Friday last. On Saturday there were about 200 diggers altogether on the ground. At one of these rushes the sinking is about ten feet, dry and easy. The first prospect washed was something like 2½ dwts. to the tub. At the other, the first hole bottomed was nearly in the bed of the creek, and at three feet sinking half a pennyweight was washed from the first small quantity of stuff tried. Not having visited the spot since Saturday, we cannot state positively what is now doing at either of these rushes.
JORDAN.— A second rush has set in to these diggings, in which, notwithstanding the numerous " duffers " which have been sunk, we have great confidence. The present scene of attraction there is situated about a quarter of a mile from the original workings, a large population is now testing its value. A  few good patches have been struck, but owing to a number of " shicers " having been bottomed simultaneously with the good holes, there seems to be a general want of confidence astir. We think, however, that when driving each hole becomes more honored in the observance than the breach (to misquote a hack- neyed phrase) there will be less grumbling at want of luck at the far-famed Jordan's.— Correspondent of the Age.

 1885 A special meeting of the Dunolly Agricultural Society with Mr Bell, MLC, occupying the chair. It was unanimously agreed to invite a conference of delegates from all societies in this district group to meet at St Arnaud to nominate candidates for the Agricultural Colleges Council.

 1901 Medals were distributed at the Dunolly State School in connection with the Commonwealth celebrations also small packets of sweets and medallions, with the royal portrait on each, were given to each child. Hearty cheers for the Duke and Duchess of Cornwall and York who opened the first Federal Parliament followed by the singing of God Save The King.

 1915 Timor met Dunolly on the local ground, scores- Timor 5 goals, 10 behinds, Dunolly 4 goals, 8 behinds.

 1918 DUNOLLY. LICENSES REDUCTION BOARD.   The Licenses Reduction Board held a   sitting at the Courthouse to take evidence with regard to the proposed deprivation of licenses of the Maidentown Hotel,  Llanelly and the Moliagul Hotel, Moliagul. Mr McDonough appeared for owner     and licensee of the Maidentown Hotel Mr Wallace, owner and Mrs Cooper Licensee,   and Mr Herring for owner and Licensee of  Moliagul Hotel Miss Montgomery. Supt   Britt said there were eleven hotels in the licensing duistrict - three in Dunolly, two in Bealiba, two in Tarnagulla and one each at Arnold's, Newbridge, Llanelly, and Moliagul. He had listed the last two as he believed the others in the district were more required than they were. In   each case the decision was reserved.

 1928 State Executive Council approved stage coach licences for motor buses for several routes including one from Maryborough to Dunolly.

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