25 May, 2018

May 25 #OnThisDay (Nganko Nyawiyu) in #Dunolly (Lea Kurribur) & District #History

1877 James Fawkner of Dunolly had bid the lowest tender to build the Jones’ Creek teachers residence.

 1878 Celebration of Her Majesty’s birthday was celebrated in Goldsborough with a grand banquet given to the employees of the Queen’s Birthday Company.
The ladies meeting of the Gladstone Coursing Club was a great success.

 1891 It was announced that farmers were favourable in the proposal of a creamery to be built at the Avoca Forest and Burke’s Flat district, in connection with The Fresh Food and Frozen Storage Company, Melb. It was estimated that it would cost 450 pounds to erect and fit out a creamery. A vote was taken at the meeting and it was decided to situate the creamery at Red Hill.

 1897 Bet Bet shire council decided at a meeting to divide 30 pounds between the ladies benevolent society;s of Dunolly and Tarnagulla in commemoration of the Queen’s long reign to assist the poor.

 1910 DUNOLLY : ATTACKED BY A DOG.  Mr. Jas. Lennon, butcher, sustained painful injuries on Sunday. He was   walking in a paddock in which he had some sheep, and noticed a dog worrying   them. He picked up a stone and   struck the dog on the head. Thinking it was stunned, he went up and caught hold of it, when the dog savagely turned on him. The animal severely bit Mr. Lennon's arm between the elbow and wrist, causing deep lacerations and laying bare the sinews. Some of the wounds   were about three inches in length, He sought medical aid, but Dr. Wolfenden considered it inadvisable to stitch up the wounds for fear of complications setting in.
 1914 SLIPPED INTO CUTTING. DUNOLLY. Monday. Hugh McCormick, engaged on the Hamlet dredging lease at Bromley, was walking along a plank when it tilted and he slipped into the cutting, fracturing his right leg above the ankle. Medical aid was obtained, and the injury attended to.

 1915 - MINING.
That Dunolly is on the eve of a mining revival seems quite clear.
Leases are being applied for, and numerous inquiries are being made of earlier
days on the Bet Bet, Sydenham, and other well known lines. Information is being eagerly asked for in connection with former work, and records of pioneers would be useful at this time.
Belgium and Perseverance, Goldsborough, 21st. — North drive Perseverance lode 200ft level extended 140ft. Reef 5ft wide. Values 5 to 6 dwts.
Duke and Main Leads Consols, Bet Bet Yield for fortnight^- 839 ca 10 dwt.

 1915 - We greatly regret to report an unfortunate and painful accident which befell Mr Henry Murphy, 25 years of age, a son of Mr Michael Murphy, of Betley, on Friday afternoon. He is one of a party of three well known young men of Betley, who are working on a reef at Waanyarra, the others being Messrs Elliott and Peart.
Messrs Peart and Murphy were below in the shaft at a depth of some 40 feet, when a bucket with timber fixed in it in some way slipped while being lowered from the top and crashed down a certain distance of the shaft, striking Mr Murphy with great force on the lower part of tbe back.
It was most fortunate that he had not been in an upright position, as if the bucket had fallen on his head the result probably might have been fatal. As it was the injury to his back was most severe and painful, and he was conveyed by his mates to the Dunolly District Hospital, where Dr. Barrett gave prompt attention, and he is receiving careful nursing treatment. He had a very narrow escape indeed, and his mate (Mr Peart) who was below with him, was more fortunate, as, being at the side of the shaft, he escaped injury. On Inquiry yesterday we learned that the sufferer was improving very satisfactorily indeed, although his injury was recognised as serious, his legs being partially paralysed. It will probably be a considerable time before he is able to be about as usual, but friends will be glad to know that he is progressing favorably.
The patient himself is cheerful.

 1915 - At one of the public meetings held in connection with the diamond jubilee of Methodism in Maryborough, the Rev. D. S. Lowe announced that an anonymous donor in the Maryborough district had generously given £500 to foreign mission work. The name of the donor of this handsome amount has (says the 'Advertiser') now been disclosed. It is Mr Henry Harse, of Charlotte Plains, who made the gift in connection with his 80th birthday.

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