09 May, 2018

May 9 #OnThisDay (Nganko Nyawiyu) in #Dunolly (Lea Kurribur) & District #History

1916 At the Police Court to- day, before Mr. Elliget, P.M., William Carwickhám was brought up on remand charged with bigamy. Superintendent Hewitt prosecuted, evidence was given to the effect that accused was married at a registry office at Tarnagulla on .June 28, 1892, to Ellen Murphy, but, not living happily, left 17 years ago.'
Last February he came to Dunolly, and on the 18th of that month was married by the Rev. J. n. Carr, Anglican, to Mrs. F. Ebbles, a widow.

 1918 - Red Cross Society.
The usual fortnightly meeting of the branch was held this afternoon, and the attendance was good, 25 members being present. The President (Mrs Peters, Mayoress) occupied the chair. A report was received as to sale of house badges at 5'each, 54 having been disposed of. From sale of buttons for same appeal on stock sale day £3 6s had been raised and an additional nine button sat 1s each were sold at the meeting. A donation of £2 2s was received for this appeal from the Methodist Sunday Scbool, half proceeds of relent picnic. A very hearty vote - of thanks was passed. Miss Peters also sent a donation of 5s, proceeds of sale of basket; also acknowledged with thanks. It was stated that Miss Peters was taking orders for more baskets which she is making for this purpose. A donation of oriental beads was received with thanks from Miss Edith Hall. Accounts amounting to £7 17s 2d were; passed.    The tickets were available for the grand concert in aid of the special appeal funds to be held on Wednesday, May 29. The tickets are ls 6d and leach, with reserved seats 2s. Ticket sellers were appointed for the different sections of the borough, who will probably call on residents on Thursday and Friday of this week. Goods were received for despatch—24 bandages (from Dunluce), 14 pairs underpants, 10 pairs socks, 48 handkerchiefs, 8 washers. Donations of books were received from Sapper P. McHenna and Mesdames Sandow, Stafford, and  Tockfield, and postcards from Mrs  Edwards, Mt. Hooghly.  It was reported that the flannel and wool bad not then come to hand, but the Secretary (Mrs Cairns) desires it to be known that, since the meeting, the wool has arrived, and is now available at Mrs Sandow's. At the close of the business the Mayor (Cr Peters) said a few words. He stated that recently while in Melbourne he had visited the central depot of the Red Cross Society and its various offices, and had been most courteously received, an opportunity having been given him to thoroughly inspect all branches often work. He had been struck with the magnitude of the operations and the efficient manner of management, and had been impressed with the great value of the work being carried out by the society in the pro- vision of necessaries and comforts for the Australian soldiers, wounded, and at the front. In reply to inquiries on his part, as to reports circulated by certain persons that Red Cross funds were being diverted into unauthorised channels, he was informed that suchreports wore absolutely unfounded and were malicious and wicked. Every facility was offered for investigation and inspection of accounts. The public were warned against making or repeating such false statements. If those who started or circulated such reports were found offenders would be prosecuted. The Mayor also said that tbe Dunolly branch could assist in connection with repatriation of returned soldiers by practical sympathy and in ways which would become more apparent later on. There were many difficulties which could be overcome byte co-operation of branches of the Red
Cross Society. Personal grievances might be investigated and reported, to the local repatriation committee.Mrs A. Williamson, 'Morven,' will be glad to receive picture postcards, of scenery, towns, etc., for scrap books tobe sent to military hospitals. Men who are too ill to read are often helped and cheered by such pictures, and especially if they include scenes, etc. that may be familiar to them.

 1926 An extraordinary election was held to replace the Central Riding vacancy caused by the passing of Councillor W J Parker with results GA Stafford 173, G Flett 68.

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