12 June, 2018

June 10 #OnThisDay in #Dunolly (Lea Kurribur) & District #History

1904 Mr Phelps, solicitor of North Broadway fell in his house badly breaking his nose, requiring the doctor to remove 2 pieces of bone and 8 stitches. Mr Phelps is 87 yrs old but healing well.

 1922 The Telegraph Hotel was burnt completely ; built of wood and brick consisting of 14 rooms it was empty at the time but there was no water available for firefighters.Insured for 140 pounds in the Royal Company.

 1929 Thomas Henderson, miner of Moliagul, fell down a mine shaft 30 ft but despite broken ribs, sprained ankles and abrasions he managed to climb back to the surface and was taken to the Dunolly Hospital.

 1938 Mr Beaton, manager of the State Savings Bank at Dunolly who has been transferred to Woodend was presented with a gift from the members of the Dunolly Golf Club while members of the Ladies Presbyterian Guild gave Mrs Beaton a reading lamp.

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