12 June, 2018

June 12 #OnThisDay in #Dunolly (Lea Kurribur) & District #History

The municipal elections really Came off on Saturday,though at one time, from a hitch that occurred in the appointment of chairman, which occasioned a midnight journey to Castlemaine and a telegram to Melbourne— the answer to which arrived just fifteen minutes within the time appointed for the nomination — it seemed likely that the matter would have to be adjourned ad infinitum. Seventeen candidates were nominated — Messrs Day, Jackson. Quinlan, Wilson, Stott, Frayne, Crosland, Page, Pratt, Blow, Cook,Dicker, Wingfield, Davis, Simpson, Lyle, and Warren.
A poll was demanded, which resulted as follows : — Mr Day, 94 ; Mr Jackson, 78; Mr Quinlan,74 ; Mr Wilson, 7# ; Mr Stott, 65 ; Mr Frayne, 62 ;Dr Crosland, 62. Mr Page polled 61 votes ; thelowest being for Mr Warren — 5.
After the Chairman had declared the successful candidates duly elected,they, together with some of the unsuccessful, returned thanks to their supporters. A vote of thanks was given to the assessors, three cheers for the Chairman,and three more for the municipality, and the assembly dispersed.We are now what we have long wished to be — a municipality ; and I trust our newly elected councillors will wear their laurels faithfully and well, and that their single aim will be to forward all the interests ofthe district with fairness and equity.
Advance Dunolly !

As if in honor of our new municipality, mining matters in our district are decidedly looking up. An extensive rush has taken place to Wild Dog, in consequence of some parties who have been working therefor some time past, striking what is supposed to be anew lead of gold. In accordance with the mining rules they reported to the Warden, but have not, I understand, received an enlarged claim, as it is a matter of dispute whether the new claim is precisely far enough away from the old workings. But I think any parties who persevere in working where all around is discouragement, have a true claim to the extended amount of ground, and no petty consideration should be allowed to deprive them of a just merit for their perseverance. I understand the prospectors washed 3½ ounces from a load of wash dirt, and the stuff has been showing much better since. From the bottom of another shaft a patch of dirt yielded an ounce. The sinking is from 27 feet to 40 feet, the rock gradually rising towards the ranges, and receding towards the creek. It is thought that this will lead to new discoveries, and the ground running into a long flat,some of which was being surveyed for sale, is likely to prove auriferous, and, as a matter of course, I suppose the contemplated survey and sale abandoned.
On Monday several hundreds were at work,Havelock and Cochrane contributing to swell the numbers almost hourly.Sandy Creek also shows far greater signs of activity since the late rain. Water is more plentiful, and many are engaged in alluvial sinking, so far as I could learn, with very fair success.Fresh reefs are constantly opening up other' strikings.' Messrs Turnbull and Thompson's claim, on Victoria Reef have struck, at a depth of 70 feet, what they have every reason to believe is the main reef ; and the stone shows well, some of which I inspected. There are about ten claims at work on this reef. Messrs VV. H. Winfield and Co.'s claim, now at a depth of 100 feet, is supposed to be on or very near the vein. This is the dividing range, and is expected to turn out equal to the far-famed Poverty Reef, and thus adding another to the list of splendid quartz dykes with which this locality abounds.
Burnt Creek is nearly in the possession of Chinamen. Several minor outbreaks have occurrcd between the Celestials and the few Europeans that are working there. One thing, however, may be said in John's favor, that he is not likely to spoil or use up all the water, as some of it can very well be spared, from its excessive super abundance.Peter's is still advancing, and its importance is worthy of a mail service once a week, at any rate,especially as Cochrane's, fifteen miles on the road, has already a bi- weekly one.Sandy Creek also, from its rapid growth and extending business, should have a mail three times a week instead of twice as at present, an arrangement which necessitates a vast amount of correspondence travelling by private hand. The Postmaster-General would do well to look to this matter.

 1911 An unusual band, made up of 20 of the men laying the Maryborough to St Arnaud line marched through the streets of Bealiba playing mouth organs, triangle, drums, and a bass (carbide drum) under the guidance of drum major James Thomas who wielded a sapling as drum mace, to collect money for the Dunolly Hospital, raising 2 pounds 13 shillings.

 1915 Maryborough met Dunolly for the first time this season on the local ground today. Dunolly secured their first win. Scores Dunolly -6 goals, 11 behinds, 47 points. Maryborough – 6 goals, 2 behinds.

 1915 Railways did not take their best team to Dunolly. Their principal absentee were Walker, MDonald, and Mearns, who were replaced by "Jerry" Grigg, " Pompey" Baker and young Hendrickson. Dunolly was well represented, and won the game on its merits. The scores were : Dunolly-2 goals 10 behinds (22 points). Railways-, behinds (6 points). W. Chivers umpired,

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