28 September, 2018

Tarnagulla Revisited 20th & 21st Oct

Many of the residents, former residents and descendants and friends of those who lived or passed through Waanyarra and who have attended the Waanyarra
Reunions through the years, also maintain a keen interest in Tarnagulla.
This year the Tarnagulla Out ‘n About weekend has changed its name, date and venue and this year will be known as Tarnagulla Revisited and be held at the
Recreation Reserve Saturday 20th October 2018 and at the Victoria Hall on Sunday 21st October 2018.
There will still be a History display in the Pavilion at the Recreation Reserve on a reduced scale, but still overseen by David Gordon, as well as entertainment and food stalls and Garage Sales.
A highlight will be a Celebration of Dame Nellie Melba held at 2.00pm on Sunday 21st October 2018 at Victoria Hall, together with an Exhibition of Rare Memorabilia.
Anyone who has attended one of Rachel Buckley’s productions will know just how professional and great these are and early booking is advised. Her productions are usually sold out by the day.
Despite the plaque erected at the Victoria Hall by the former Shire, indicating that Dame Nellie Melba had performed at the Victoria Hall, this is in fact quite
erroneous. One of my great aunts, a Comrie, was in the same class as Nellie at PLC in the 1880s and it was never mentioned by the Comrie family and there is no mention in the Tarnagulla & Llanelly Courier. Likewise Lola Montez, courtesan and entertainer, who, amongst other exploits, entertained miners on the Victorian goldfields with her famed ”Spider Dance” is also noted on the
plaque as having performed in the Victoria Hall, but she had left Australia in 1856 and was actually dead before the Victoria Hall was built.
Another event of interest will be the Tarnagulla & District Golf Club “Three Club Monty” on Sunday 14th October 2018. Mary McNamee has revitalised the Golf Club and it has hosted several enjoyable days in the past.
You are encouraged to support these events.
For further information call me on: P: (03) 9686 6737 M:
0413 612 623 or E: waanyarra1@gmail.com.
Also the websites:
Waanyarra Website: www.waanyarra.com
Tarnagulla Website: www.Tarnagulla.com
George Swinburne
Convenor, Waanyarra Reunion

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