14 January, 2019

January 14 On This Day in Dunolly Lea Kurribur History

1860 - Constable Gray on Chinese duty at Alma discovered a poor neglected Chinese man, reduced to almost a skeleton, by the side of the track with barely a scrap of canvas to call his own. The constable went to the Chinese encampment and raised 4 pounds 17 shillings from among the Chinese, bought him a tent, food and necessities , and tried to get the doctor to see to the poor man but he was out on calls.

 1861 Bet Bet Road Board formed
1863 20lb 7 oz. nugget found on Clover’s Gully diggings by a miner who’d only been digging for 5 mins.

1875 The subscribers to Dunolly Hospital held their annual meeting.

1889 Daisy Hill post office opened, replacing Emu. Closed circa 1893.

DUNOLLY, Friday.
Yesterday, at the Dunolly Alluvial mine, which is close to the railway station, Mr. John Winton Cumper, the mining manager, was killed. The mine is at present let on tribute, and the tributers having run short of laths Mr. Camper and one of the tributers went into an unused drive to take out some, when the ground over the top of the laths came away, completely covering Cumper. The man assisting at once gave the alarm and relief parties, after an hour's efforts, got out the body, life being extinct. An inquiry was held, and a verdict was returned that the deceased was accidentally smothered by a fall of earth, the mining inspector being of opinion that no blame was attachable to any-one unless to the deceased himself, as drawing laths was an exceedingly dangerous practice. "

 1938 Miss Beryl Renshaw, of Tarnagulla, was appointed as probationer nurse to Dunolly Hospital.

 1952 Four billion bushels of wheat taken at the Dunolly silos.

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