15 January, 2019

January 15 On This Day in Dunolly Lea Kurribur History

1864 CURIOUS ROBBERY.- A rascal at Dunolly, this week, accomplished a feat that all the police in New South Wales were unable to effect, by sticking up the celebrated bush- ranger Frank Gardiner, and robbing him of his revolver. A collection of waxworks was being exhibited at Frayne's Theatre, and amongst them was the representation of this colonial Claude Duval, revolver in hand, supposed to be in the very act of politely re- questing some unfortunate traveller to " level up;" and we are informed that some individual, doubtless in a state of happy ignorance as to the existence of the old rule of meum and tuum, went in in the night with the intention of purloining the pistol, and finding that he was unable to wrest it from the hand of the figure, actually broke off the hand, and carried it away with the revolver. It was certainly an audacious proceeding. The model will have to be sent to Melbourne to be repaired.

 1888 A dreadful day 110 degrees with strong northerly blowing clouds of dust and fruit from trees.

 1899 Drapery store formerly occupied by Mr Legge burnt, with Mr Manley watchmaking business slightly effected on one side and Mr Cheetham’s private residence considerably damaged on the other side.

 1902 The outbuildings of Mr Posiner at Bromley with 500 fruit cases, harnesses, saddles, beds and mattress lost to fire.

 1906 A cart driven by Mr. James Lee, of Dunolly, butcher, was run into this afternoon by the 4.10p.m. down train from Donald.
The cart was smashed to matchwood, and Mr. Lee and his son Leslie, a lad about thirteen years of age, who was with him, were thrown some distance over the cow catcher of the engine. Mr. Lee, senior, was driving to the slaughter yard, to reach which he had to cross the line. He saw the train from Inglewood pass, but failed to notice that the Donald train was approaching until his vehicle was partly across the track. Both occupants of the cart were thrown clear of the line, and the horse escaped unhurt. Mr. Lee, senior, had his right leg broken below the knee, whilst the boy's right arm was badly smashed. They were taken to the hospital and admitted for treatment.
Mr Lee sustained three fractures of one leg, between the ankle and the knee. The lad Leslie Lee is still in the hospital in a critical condition , one arm was fractured, and it is feared that he sustained internal injuries.

 1906 Mr Samuel Nicholls, J.P., of Murphy's Flat, was driving with his grandson to Dunolly this afternoon, and when about a mile from the town the horse fell, throwing both occupants out of the buggy. The child escaped without injury, but Mr Nicholls was badly bruised about the chest and had his hand cut.

 1936 During a heavy electrical storm lightning struck the wires in a fence between properties of Councillor McPherson and Mr Howard at Betley. A small grass fire began but was extinguished by the efforts of neighbours and showers.

 2011 Carisbrook - Most of the township was evacuated this morning, with residents describing the conditions as catastrophic, with nothing seen like this before. Authorities are urging residents to keep away as the water level is not expected to recede anytime soon, potentially days.
800 residents have been affected and Chris Meadows-Taylor, the Mayor of Central Goldfields Shire, has claimed the situation is worse than expected.
The bowling club in Dunolly, the Senior Citizens Rooms in Carisbrook and the Princes Park Sports Complex, upstairs at the Grandstand in Maryborough has been set up as relief centres.

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