18 January, 2019

January 18 #OnThisDay in #Dunolly Lea Kurribur #History

1858 First school at Tarnagulla began, with William Harper as headmaster, at rear of Union Bank, a Church of England school.

1861 Bet Bet Roads Board, pre-cursor to the council, was formed.

1919 Mr. Jas. Walsh, after over 40 years ‘service in the Railway Department, 20 years of which he spent here as a ganger, retired about two months ago, and is now leaving for Melbourne. On Thursday, 2nd. inst.,there was a very large gathering at St. Marv's schoolroom to big farewell to Mr. and Mrs. Walsh. The chair was occupied by Cr. Costello, who spoke highly of both Mr. and Mrs. Walsh, and of their kindness and sympathy in all cases of need. In Church matters and those pertaining to the general good of the district they took a keen interest, and their departure would be a great loss. He wished them long life and happiness in their new sphere. Rev. Fr. Coughlin presented Mr. Walsh with handsome writing desk, and Mrs. Walsh with a lady's handbag, in which was a sum of money. The gifts were suitably acknowledged. During the evening an enjoyable musical programme was gone through, and after supper a dance was held.

1932 A prisoner, on remand from Dunolly for theft of cycle and wireless set, tore a hole in the Maryborough lockup ceiling, escaping through the hole just as a policeman entered his cell and was at liberty for 12 mins until the police recaptured him.

1939 REPRIEVE NOT LIKELY Dunolly Murders
It is most Improbable that the State Ministry will reverse its recommendation to the Governor In Council that sentence of death passed on Thomas William John- son, aged 40 years, for the murder of two men at a delicensed hotel at Dunolly on October 3 should be carried out. Unless a reprieve is granted, Johnson will be hanged at Pentridge at 8 a.m. on Monday.
The Chief Secretary and Attorney General (Mr. Bailey) told a deputation yesterday that he could hold out little hope that the sentence of the Court would not be executed. It was impossible to call a special meeting of Cabinet, but he would discuss the representations with the Premier and other Ministers who were In Melbourne.
The deputation, which was introduced by the leader of the State Labour Parliamentary party (Mr. Cain), comprised representatives of the Federal and State Labour parties, the Trades Hall Council, and the secretary of the social service department of the Churches of Christ (the Rev. W. H. Clay).
Members of the deputation urged that hanging was not a deterrent to murder, and was repugnant to the Australian people.
"This is not a matter for the Government or the Governor in Council," Mr. Batley said. "It is a matter for Parliament. The death penalty is prescribed by law, and it is for the people to say whether the law should be altered. The only responsibility of the Governor in Council is to decide whether the law shall take its course. The Cabinet went very thoroughly into the case, and it was only after mature consideration that it recommended to the Governor in Council that the law should take its course."

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