19 January, 2019

January 19 #OnThisDay in #Dunolly Lea Kurribur #History

A New Discovery has been made at the back of the hospital, near the Kentish Reef. Some China-men were engaged, at the latter end of last week, washing some surface from the spot, and obtaining “good gold", when a miner named Hockey fancied, as there were several specimens amongst the stuff obtained by the Chinamen, that there must be a
Reef in the neighbourhood. He accordingly prospected for the same, and succeeded in striking small vein of quartz, thickly studded with gold. Out of a dishful of rubble, some two ounces of the precious metal was washed — one of the specimens (a good sized one) being amongst the richest that has been found in the district. When will the numerously rich surface discoveries lead to a systematic working of our reefs? Echo answers —When!

1908 The Moliagul Hospital Sunday collection amounted to 4 pounds 13 shillings.

1910 Mr. E Bowman was engaged in ploughing at the cyanide works, Dunolly, yesterday, when the plough struck a stump, the handle striking Mr. Bowman a severe blow in the chest, fracturing the breast-bone. He was treated by Dr. Wolfenden.

1934 The licence of the Golden Valley Hotel at Bet Bet having been surrendered, the buildings are to be sold by public auction. One of the oldest landmarks in the district will consequently disappear.

1939 Dunolly Murders.
It is most improbable that the State Ministry will reverse its recommendation to the Governor in Council that
Sentence of death passed on Thomas William Johnson, aged 40 years, for the murder of two men at a delicensed hotel at Dunolly on October 3, and should be carried out. Unless a reprieve is granted, Johnson will be hanged at Pentridge at 8 a.m. on Monday.

1995 the Shires of Gordon, East Loddon and Korong, part of the City of Greater Bendigo and parts of the Shires of Bet Bet, Maldon and Tullaroop were unified to become Loddon Shire Council.

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