28 January, 2019

January 28 #OnThisDay in #Dunolly Lea Kurribur #History

1860 Judge Macoboy and the Press. — On his Honor Judge Macoboy taking his seat on the Bench in the County Court Saturday morning, he made the following statement: — 'In a leading article which appeared in yesterday's Maryborough and Dunolly Advertiser (copy of which the Judge had in his hand) in reference to the case Knewstub v. Smith, tried in this Court on Monday last, language is used, and imputations conveyed, that amount to a contempt of court ;
“I will bring the editor up, and send him to prison for two months.' '
After a short pause, His Honor returned to the subject, and said:
' On two former occasions I have bad cause to complain of the unjustifiable manner that paper has spoken of me; but for this time I will allow it to pass; but should such a circumstance happen again, and the proceedings of a Court over which I preside be subject to such unjustifiable comment, I will certainly have the editor punished,'

1865 Reported that the Dunolly District Hospital was to be incorporated under the charitable institutions act.

1879 Some lucky miners at Dunolly have“ struck it heavy.” For twelve years the Queen’s Birthday Company have kept on exploring for the rich reef which the instinct of the true miner told them was somewhere there or thereabouts. Their fortunes ran so low that at one time the manager could not get credit for a few loads of firewood. Last year £ 78,000 was paid in dividends.

1901 A Family In poverty. At the local police court, before Messrs Langler (major) and Hansford, JP, three little boys., named Arthur, Martin, and John Dunbar, aged 4, 8 and 10 years, were charged with being neglected children. The evidence of the constable showed they were living in a deplorable condition with their mother, in a hut about a mile out of the town, there being no food in the place except a little flour, their only covering at night being a few bags. The children were also nearly naked. Their father is in gaol serving a term for the larceny of a dray. The children were committed to the Department for Neglected Children, the Bench complimenting the police on the prompt action taken the mother and her children walked here from Bendigo.

1938 The SEC told the Shire of Bet Bet it would make available a transmitted supply from March 31. The new fibrolite water main was connected to the Dunolly reservoir but both reservoirs are practically empty and the water shortage is causing concern.

1943 The vacancy for the position of cook was advertised at the Dunolly Hospital.

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