02 February, 2019

February 2 #OnThisDay in #Dunolly Lea Kurribur #History

1857 It was reported that, in Dunolly, Saturday evening concerts were going as late as 4 or 5am on the Sabbath and a hotel keeper actually opened his establishment on the evening for dancing and singing.

1863 Moliagul School shifted into a larger building that had originally been the Primitive Methodists Chapel 32ft x 20ft.

1877 Mr Lauder of Lauderdale, Central Chinaman’s Flat had his stable, fowl house and fencing burnt.

1877 DUNOLLY, FRIDAY. A destructive fire broke out on a farm belonging to Mr. Wm. Murray, near Mount Hooghly, on Thursday evening. The whole of the crop, 200 bushels of hand-threshed wheat, the homestead and outhouses, drays, and implements were destroyed. Murray, who is a struggling man, and has a large family, had just returned from Melbourne, where he was operated on for cancer of the tongue. He became so excited that he jumped into the fire, and was with difficulty rescued. He is now ruined, one small hut only remaining to shelter his family. The origin of the fire is inexplicable. The men at the threshing-machine next to this farm started a subscription to relieve the distressed family, the neighbours assisting.
On the evening of the same day J. Sheridan and Co. a brewery, at Eddington, narrowly escaped total destruction in the same way by great exertions the fire was confined to the malt-house and mills. Damage was done to the amount of from £100 to £150. The property was insured in the Imperial Insurance Company.
Mr. Edward Buckley, miller, of Newbridge, was seized with paralysis to-day, and remains insensible. His recovery is doubtful.
Wheat is pouring in; price 6s. 4d. per bushel.

1888 Thirty miners were brought before the Police Court for illegally being on crown lands and being without a miners right. Each were fined 1 shilling.

1895 A great many people arrived in Dunolly to listen to a lecture by Signor Bragato, the famed Govt viticulture expert but he failed to arrive.

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