07 February, 2019

February 7 #OnThisDay in #Dunolly Lea Kurribur #History

1841 Munangabum was an influential clan head of the Liarga balug and Spiritual Leader or neyerneyemeet of the Djadja wurrung. Munangabum was shot and wounded by settlers on this day while his companion Gondiurmin died at 14 Mile Creek (or Far Creek later Glen Mona station) on Bet Bet Creek, west of Maryborough. 
Three settlers were later apprehended and tried on 18 May 1841 but were acquitted for want of evidence as Kooris could not give evidence in courts of law.

 1876 McNowlan’s Bakery in Broadway narrowly escaped destruction by fire, the trough and outside wall of the bakery was on fire from sparks from the chimney. Several people raised the alarm and extinguished the flames.

 1876 Mr Bucknell's entire hay stacks were consumed by fire at Majorca, the fire was started by a threshing machine,

 1890 A banquet at Logan was held for the Logan branch of the Victorian Farmers Protection Association, with Members of Parliament met at Emu Station then driven to Logan.

 1894 A fire occurred at Bowenvale early this morning, the Golden Valley Hotel being burnt down. The proprietor was fast asleep when the flames broke out. A dog awoke him by its scratching, and he thus escaped injury. He saved only a small quantity of clothing.

1903 After the death of William Davis at Rheola his hut was searched with bank securities found to the value of 2,000 pounds. The authorities thought there may be somewhat more so the floor of the hut was dug up with the discovery of gold, silver and bank securities to the value of 1,000 pounds.

 1916 DUNOLLY HOSPITAL SUNDAY. Hospital Sunday was held yesterday. The weather was delightfully fine and there was a good attendance. Stirring addresses were delivered by the Rev. Father Coughlan. Mr Pennington. M.L.A.. Mr J. J.1. O'Brien (Hospital Committee) and others. Mr Langsford (Hospital president) was chairman. The Maryborough Brass Band played an excellent programme of music. The collections totalled £19. 
GOOD HAULS OF FISH. During the past few days several good hauls of fish have been obtained, including a 33 pounder.

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