08 February, 2019

February 8 #OnThisDay in #Dunolly Lea Kurribur #History

1845 MURDER BY BLACKS[sic].-About three weeks ago, some forty or fifty natives of the Loddon tribe visited N. Simson's station on the Loddon, and en-camped within forty yards of one of the huts. About two o'clock on the following morning, they were surprised by an attack from another body of blacks (supposed to be a tribe from the Grampians,) who speared and killed some half dozen of the Loddon natives. Mr. Simson, when he heard of the affray, went down to the scene of action, and had the wounded savages properly cared for. Mr. Protector Parker and two mounted policemen went out after the attacking parties, but we understand they were obliged to abandon the pursuit.

1875 Two acres were reserved for the purpose of a Manure Depot in Dunolly.

1900 The Chinese camp was burnt, destroying 7 housing areas and the Joss House. The fire brigade saved several houses and the chapel but the landmark of 30 years is lost.

1906 Water carters were ‘busily employed’ in Dunolly and district as the water supply was very low and rain was desperately wanted.

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